Pet Insurance

Protect your pet with a comprehensive Insurance policy

A households’ pet is strongly regarded as part of the family and many owners, particularly with cats and dogs, want to make sure their pet is fully protected and looked after if for some reason their pet may need medical attention. Veterinary fees can be very expensive, especially when treating injured or sick pets – this is part of the reason why protecting your cat or dog is incredibly important. We are able to offer various levels of protection for your Cat or Dog, including accident only cover as well as three policies – Bronze, Silver and Gold which vary in the level of protection you may require.

Policies can be purchased for your specific breed of puppy or kitten once they have reached 8 weeks old. Older Dogs (up to 8 years old) and senior cats (up to 10 years old) are also covered in the policies. Please be aware that cat and dogs with pre-existing medical conditions will not be covered, which is why we strongly recommend purchasing an insurance plan as soon as you get your new family member home. All your cats and dogs vaccinations must be kept up to date for your Pet Insurance Policy to remain valid.

Key benefits of our comprehensive pet insurance policy

  • Vet Fees (up to £6000 per condition)
  • Vets are Paid Directly (also without the worry of finding a sum of money before your pet is treated)
  • Third party liability for pet dogs up to £2 million
  • Cover for Loss or Stolen pets
  • Advertising and Reward or Loss or Stolen pets
  • Loss of Pets Passport
  • Pet Travel Protection (Including quarantine, medical expenses and loss of pet passport abroad)
  • Holiday Cancellation

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