Mobility Scooter Insurance

A mobility scooter can be a vital addition to somebody’s everyday life. It is often the key to a person remaining independent when they have found themselves with restricted mobility. We have policies available to help keep you and your mobility scooter on the move with comprehensive cover which includes theft, personal accident and third party liability as well as accidental damage.

You will find policies for Class 2 & 3 mobility scooters as well as folding scooters and manual wheelchairs. These will cover a scooter purchased new and second hand. Policies start from £54.99 for 1 year, with discount if you would like to purchase for multiple years.

Please note that you are not required by law to have you mobility scooter insured, although we must emphasise the importance of comprehensively covering such a crucial and often expensive form of transportation. It is vital you are not left stranded and of course protected in case of an accident to yourself and or someone else’s property.

Key Benefits Include

  • Accidental Damage
  • Theft
  • Personal Accident
  • Third Party Liability
  • Recovery Costs
  • Puncture Repair
  • Policies for New and Pre Owned Scooters
  • Policy will cover multiple riders
  • International Travel Protection

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