Landlords Legal and Rent Guarantee

Landlords Legal Expenses and Rent Guarantee Insurance
As a landlord, you need to protect yourself against a variety of risks, including the potential for legal action and loss of rental income. It may be that you only want rent guarantees, or you may decide that it is important to ensure you have cover for legal expenses as well. We have policies for both.

Landlord Legal Expenses Insurance – Peace of mind for only £33.95 per year

Our Landlord Legal Expenses Insurance will cover you for up to £50,000 per claim, and will cover for property legal disputes, including:

  • Physical possession of the property
  • Actual or alleged property dilapidations
  • Actual or alleged nuisance by tenants
  • Non-payment of service charges by tenants
  • The letting of property
  • Physical damage or pecuniary loss resulting from actual or alleged acts of omission or negligence, trespass or criminal damage
  • Infringement of legal rights – yours, the tenant or third party
  • Sale and purchase of the property

The insurance also cover for rent recovery for amounts in excess of £1000 and attendance expenses, which covers loss of your salary or wages resulting from attendance at court or tribunal hearings.

Landlord Legal Expenses Options

Rent Guarantee Insurance – Peace of mind starting at only £62.69 for 6 months

Our Rent Guarantee Cover provides cover for:
• Up to £25,000 or legal expenses per claim
• There is no excess charge for legal expenses
• £10,000 or 6 months’ of rent protection per claim
• Excess equal to one month’s rent
• Includes cover for rent arrears and unpaid service charges
You also have access to our Legal Advice helpline to provide you with help and advice should you have any queries about your legal standing as a landlord.

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Landlord Rent Guarantee Options