Landlords Legal and Rent Guarantee

Landlord Legal Expenses

Looking for a Landlord policy offering protection against legal expenses from disputes, rent recovery and including attendance expenses?

Policy Benefits

  • No excess on legal claims
  • No hidden costs
  • Legal fees up to £50,000 per claim

Property Disputes Cover Highlights

  • Possession of property
  • Dilapidations to the property
  • Nuisance
  • Non-payment of service charges
  • Letting of property owned by you
  • Infringement of your legal rights

Rent Recovery Cover Highlights

  • Recovery of rent exceeding £1,000
  • 2 Disputes per tenant
  • Means of recovery
  • Loss of Salary

Attendance expenses
The actual loss of salary or wages you or any of your directors, partners or employees or your letting managing agent, for up to £100 per person per day to a maximum of £1,000 any one claim, for the time off work to attend any court or tribunal hearing.

Landlord Legal Expenses Options

Landlord Rent Guarantee – Concerned about rent payments?

Get peace of mind starting at only £75.32 for 6 months and with no hidden administration charges or fees.

Up to £12,500 in one claim (or 6 months rent) – 6 month policy
Up to £25,000 in one claim (or 6 months rent) – 12 month policy

NO excess on legal claims | NO hidden costs | Legal fees up to £25,000 per claim

You are covered for rent arrears owed by the tenant under the tenancy agreement where an insured event has occurred, and you are, where appropriate, pursuing proceedings under this Policy. A full month’s rent must be in arrears after deduction of the excess. Rent will only be payable during the period of the tenancy agreement or until vacant possession has been gained, whichever happens first. Excess: An amount equal to one month’s rent

Legal Expenses – Up to £25,000 in one claim

You are covered for legal expenses incurred in proceedings if a tenant fails to perform his obligations as set out in the tenancy agreement for the insured property. The insured event must occur during the period of insurance and the amount in dispute must exceed £250 including VAT. No Excess!

For further detail on this policy, please read the
Policy Wording and Policy Summary.

Landlord Rent Guarantee Options