Home Emergency

Home Emergency Insurance is there to fill the gap between home insurance and home contents insurance – you need them all.

Home Emergency Insurance covers any disaster that makes you home uninhabitable, endangers the residents or risks their health.

If you own a home, whether your own home or one you rent out then you need Home Emergency Insurance to protect your family and avoid lawsuits from angry tenants. A comprehensive policy will provide access to a network of approved professional contractors who will carry out expert repairs in an emergency, without delay.

There are three levels of cover to choose from depending on your needs, Silver, Gold & Platinum.

What is included with this policy?

  • The costs associated with the emergency repairs, including call-out fees, labour and materials.
  • Failure of the primary heating system, providing you have had an annual boiler service and is under 12 years of age.
  • Pest infestations including rats, mice, wasps, hornets and cockroaches.
  • Burst pipes and other leaks.
  • Failure of the mains water supply
  • Failure of the mains electricity supply
  • Blocked or flooding drains and sewers
  • Failure of the hot water heater.

Whether you are a landlord and want to protect your tenants and your investment, or you live in your own home and want to protect yourself and your family, this policy is for you.

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