Cyber Insurance

The number of cyber attacks on businesses is growing and any business is potentially a target. These can take many different forms. Our comprehensive policy will offer you cover for every eventuality plus a one contact solution for when an attack happens. We believe that every business needs this kind of policy and the need will only grow as the level of attacks grow.

Our Cyber Security Policy offers:

  1. .Integrated Breach Management solution

    This is a “one stop shop” for the full range of services required to:
    a. investigate,
    b. resolve,
    c. manage and
    d. recover
    from any data security breach. Our fully integrated solution allows the a piece of mind that is invaluable.
    All organisations, whether a one man band or a large organisations with a dedicated team will feel the effects of a cyber attack and the disruption associated with handling it. Our integrated, 24/7/365 emergency response team is ready to help and will help mitigate the reputational harm that a badly managed response can lead too.
    Remember this can affect your customers, suppliers, the Information Commissioner’s Office and other regulators (FCA, PRA, Treasury etc.). It is possibly the biggest affect of an attack is the aftermath, and our integrated response will help mitigate those affects.

  2. Covers all territorial and jurisdictional limits worldwide.
  3. The Business Interruption coverage will apply to total or partial interruptions of the insured’s computer system. It also covers an outsourcer’s computer system that may be affected.
  4. There is no retroactive limitation and no sub-limits for core cyber coverages.
  5. Coverage starts as soon as an Executive Officer of the covered business find outs or reasonably suspects that they are affected by a cyber incident.
  6. The policy includes an Extended Indemnity period for all Business Interruption losses to cover all long term effects of the attack.
  7. The policy is underwritten specifically as primary to any other applicable insurance such as Professional Indemnity or Directors and Officers.
  8. Loss mitigation expenses cover includes

    a. reimbursement of employee expenses; and
    b. customer goodwill incentives,
    which serve to reduce the overall loss.

Standard Policy Coverage:
First Party Coverage

  • Costs of Data Recovery
  • Covers all costs and expenses to ensure all software and data is restored to clean status.

  • Losses from Business Interruption
  • Reimburses loss of net profit due to a failure or reduction performance of the businesses computer systems.

  • Extortion
  • All fees and expenses are covered for the investigation and bringing to an end the extortion threat.

  • Cyber Theft
  • Coverage of all theft of money or other valuable assets.

  • Telephone Hacking
  • Covers losses arising from unauthorised calls.

    Third Party Coverage

    • Cyber Liability
    • Covers all legal liability arising from a security or privacy breach.

    • Payment Card Industry Liability
    • Covers legal liability arising from any actual or alleged failure to comply with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards.

    • Regulatory Proceedings
    • Covers the costs of defending the business and civil fines and penalties (that are allowed under the law), that relate to an investigation or regulatory proceedings.

    • Multimedia Liability
      Covers the legal liability of any issues that relate to all multimedia content, including
      -social media pages and
      -printed literature.

    Additional Standard Coverages

    • Attendance Expenses
    • Covers compensation if any staff of the insured business is required to attend a court or judicial tribunal by us.

    • Loss Mitigation Expenses
    • Covers costs and expenses incurred to reduce the cost of any claim including additional employee overheads or customer goodwill incentives.

    Optional Extension

    • Social Engineering Fraud
    • Covers the reimbursement of losses that come from fraudulent instruction from a third party that misleads an employee and that results in money or other assets being paid, delivered or otherwise lost.

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