Cyber Insurance

This insurance is available to cover the following:

  • Legal Expenses
    Cover in the event of dispute with providers of IT systems or ex-employees for breach of contract or restrictive covenants relating to Cyber Security and Multimedia issues.

  • 3rd Party Cyber Business Interruption
    Includes damages and defence costs, and accidental loss of confidential information.

  • System Restoration Costs
    Following unauthorized modification by a hacker, malware or malicious activity of employees.

  • Reputation Management Costs
    Following damage by a hacker or malware which results in adverse publicity.

  • Multimedia Liability
    Covers damages and defence costs of a claim against you in respect of:

    1. Libel or Slander;
    2. Unintentional infringement of copyright, trademark or similar
    3. Plagiarism;
    4. Infringement of Privacy;
    5. Unfair competition; or
    6. Liability arising from the insured’s negligence in use of multimedia
    7. Data Extortion costs
    8. Costs of ending/preventing extortion by a hacker or other party
  • Crisis Management and Notification
    Costs of managing the fall out of a data breach.

  • Data Breach Penalty Defence
    Covers costs of defending against a data breach penalty.

  • Cyber Business Interruption
    Covers the cost of non-physical business interruption in the event of loss of access or control of computer systems and their data

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